Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Since I have a huge mess to take care of the "hunger" part of this ended November 24th. Once I get everything back in place will begin again! Maybe make it yearly? Don't know the plan yet but will try to keep putting links up for information .....I know there's a lot more people that know about this problem now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


No transportation running today but am going to risk a drive to the courthouse!! People need to know that on days like this too many families are feeling the effects of the abuse of this agency.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bye For Now Sacramento!!

Having problems trying to do this on my smartphone. (I think it failed a couple of grades!!) But maybe this will work. Hunger strike has been moved to El Dorado County due to a huge unexpected financial issue. Because of that I can no longer afford to board my dogs so have had to relocate to my own county to attempt change. Hopefully the citizens of Sac that I ran across during my time there will continue fighting for this issue. Clearly its not easy, the press continues to keep the information from the citizens and that just contributes to the abuse. But history shows that the truth comes out eventually. Catholic Church, Penn State....and we all know Rosa Parkes was not the first black woman to give refuse to give up her seat on the bus. It's incredibly sad that the media continues to cover up this abuse but many believe they are controlled by the Govt so it stands to reason this is how they would handle it. Thanks to everyone that made my time there enjoyable. I have no computer right now but as soon as I get it up and running the dance video and pics of "Nikoli " (ha!) Will be put up!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hunger Strike Effectiveness!!!

A hunger strike is not useless.  A rally is not useless.  Filming victims of CPS to show Congress is not useless.  The only thing that is useless is DOING NOTHING or just sitting and posting on Facebook about how nothing is going to work.

Lawless America is filming vicims of CPS stories to show to Congress.  I watched (and participated in)a Special Congressional Hearing for this very thing in 2000.  Since it's already been done should I be telling Bill that what he is doing is USELESS???  Some would say yes.  But it's not useless.  Giving up is.  Bill is trying to do something to expose the problem.  And, quite frankly, it will probably be of more use than the Congressman holding HIS hearings.  Because that was dependant on a Politician getting the information out and exposed.  And naturally, it went nowhere.  But that doesn't mean it won't happen this time!!!

Is this Hunger Strike useless?  Of course not.  I have talked to many people that had no idea how CPS operates and the funding involved.  They had no idea that CPS was accountable to no one.  Many of them were appalled to see the facts and figures presented.  Many of them took the information to the blog and the Governors phone number and said they were going to call and ask that it be addressed.  Will they?  I have no idea.  I only know that prior to seeing my signs and talking to me they had no idea that the problem even existed.

If everyone were to post on the news stations fb pages would they be pressured into covering the hunger strike and exposing this problem?  I have no idea.  What I DO know is that NOT doing it will not solve the problem and we'll never know if it was effective or not.  If everyone called the Gov's office every day will he address the issue and set up a Special Grand Jury to investigate complaints of CPS alone?  I don't know.  What I DO know is that NOT calling will not solve the problem.  And with BOTH these instances I do know that the more people that do it, the more effective it is.

The point is to not stop...Rosa Parkes wasn't the first black woman to refuse to give her seat up on the bus.

Monday, November 5, 2012

State raising children

As said in another post, with the amount of money that CPS generates for taking kids, they should be coming out of foster care with College Educations!!!

Butte County Story...1 of many

Luckily these people are getting help.  And where does that leave the rest of them?  To somehow manage to hold on to life and continue fighting to get their kids.
This is why there needs to be a Special Grand Jury set up in the entire STATE (every one of them actually)to deal with JUST issues of CPS abuse IN THE BEGINNING so people's children are not languishing in homes where they possibly ARE being abused

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today a Child Will Die

There is a woman that walks the streets of Sacramento day and night, one of many, of course.  But we seem to cross paths daily.  Some days she's very animated, smiling, talking (to no one in particular)and is happy to take a cigarette or cup of coffe.  Other days she walks with her head down and moves as if she's got to get to where she's going.  Sometimes, rarely, she comes and sits on the steps of the Capitol with us.  Never speaking or making eye contact, just sitting.  It's getting cold, so at night she wears a paper bag over her head and just has a light sweater.  I got a heavy jacket from the Salvation Army and sat it next to her on a bench but only saw it on her one day and now it's gone.  Her food comes from the trash cans around the city.  One morning we crossed paths at about 4am and she refused the coffee and donut I tried to give her.  Once the sun came out I saw her sitting on a bench, clearly trying to warm herself from the cold night.  She's now moved to a bench that is close to the street, directly in front of us and continues to sit and just soak in the sun.  I no longer offer food to her but watch for when she comes to the trashcan near us and put some in there, knowing she'll get to it.  For now, I know she'll get to eat at least once a day and hope that something will come about to change her situation before I'm gone.

I have to wonder how she got where she is.  I don't know.  What I do know is that today a child will be removed from loving parents and thrown into our foster care system.  Most likely, that child will be moved around from home to home for years, never really understanding what is happening.  He won't get to see his parents though maybe, after awhile, will get to visit with them in a room supervised by someone to "protect" him from these people that love and care for him.  He'll change schools, be treated as a paycheck in some homes, possibly go through unspeakable abuse in them.  This is his new life, and he may never fully understand why it is the life he has to lead.  When he turns 18 he'll be thrown out on the street, only to be replaced with a younger version of himself. 

Years go by, he's in and out of jail, living on the streets in some city trying to survive.  He has become the woman that I cross paths with every day. 

Check the statistics for what happens to our youth in foster care.  This agency that is protecting children doesn't seem to have a very good track record for raising children.  Maybe if they quit scooping up as many as possible just to get funding, they could focus on the ones that need it and do a better job.  As was pointed out in another post, with the amount of funding that goes into this agency?  There's absolutely no reason for these children to end up on the streets.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Business of Government in Families

Just take a look at some of these figures and it's easy to see why CPS is scooping up kids faster than they can take care of them.  Then again, with these kind of dollars the State's/Counties should be turning out highly degreed professionals. 

Federal funding budget for 2011 for California.  Almost 7 billion to the department of Social Services.  Money that would be partially lost should CPS actually have to follow the law and just remove children when they are in imminent danger.  Which would also lighten their caseload and actually allow them to care for the children that need it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CPS and the Media

Since I'm on day 15 of the Hunger Strike and the most asked question at this time is "how come I haven't seen this on TV?" I thought I'd give my opinion of why the media isn't going to cover this hunger strike.  After all, if UC students go on a hunger strike to protest the rising costs of education that makes it to the news on day 5 (if not day 1!!).  But you have to understand that UC students protesting isn't going to cost the Government 100's of millions of dollars.  I'll explain.
Whenever you see anything about CPS on the media it's in little blurbs.  Like a child that dies because they didn't do their job, hiring sex offenders as social workers and mostly, you hear about children being taken from their parents.  Which this is off track but isn't everyone screaming "it has to be kept secret for the best interests of the child!!!".  Really?  And plastering their parents name all over the news isn't going to let the people that know them have knowledge of what's going on with their children?  Anyways, that's as far as the media goes with CPS.  Just last month (or maybe a little longer)Channel 10 showed 3 huge dumpsters filled with trash and then filmed inside a home that was nice and clean and told that the woman's children were removed because of the condition of her house.  From the sounds of the news report, they took her kids because her house was "messy".  If it had been in complete shambles (as I'm sure CPS portrayed it)then I don't think that it could have gotten cleaned up as good as it was in just a day.  Anyways....what the news report failed to say is that CPS violated the law and that mother's rights by removing her children.  That is, unless there were other reasons they were taken but nothing else was stated in the report. 
So in short...people say that the Government controls the media.  I've even been told that by an investigative reporter.  Now this issue is about CPS violating the law and parents rights on a regular basis.  By doing so, they rake in 100's of millions of dollars from the federal government every year.  Do you really think that they are going to allow the public to know what's really going on with CPS?  Just the people that I've had a chance to talk to at the Capitol are STUNNED to see the statistics and they always take the address of the blog with them to read the personal horror stories.  Just what would happen if the media were to put this on the news with the FACTS?
The only reporter that I have seen actually address the root of the problem is in the article written by Lois Henry which is also listed in another post.  WHO OVERSEES CPS WHEN CPS TAKES THE KIDS???  The answer she received is basically the same one everyone else does...NO ONE!!!
I am so grateful to have at least one reporter that actually addresses the real issue as well as telling yet another, horror story.
What I'm asking of the Governor is that social workers be required to give a "Calbretta" warning when removing a child from their home.  Stating that the child is in imminent danger BECAUSE and have to give the reason and provide EVIDENCE.  Last year a man also had all of his children removed because they said the house was filthy.  Did they have to provide photo's of this?  Of course not.  Whatever Social Workers say....goes.  Now what kind of justice is that and how can anyone NOT expect corruption when you give a Government Agency that kind of power?  What this would do, however, is drop the removal rate of children drastically.  Because the majority of the children removed from their homes are NOT in imminent danger.  And a drop in removal rate equals drop in dollars.  Not something the Government wants to see and certainly not something they want the media reporting on.  In addition, accountability has to be provided.
So that's theory #1.  #2 would be that they think I'm just some crazy loon and not worth their time.  Crazy... hmmmm I am insane by the definition of "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".  Because I continually go from one Politician or Government Agency and expect them to take care of this problem.  So absolutely, I'm insane by that definition.  But a crazy loon?  Well, in order for that to work for them, they've got to say the same about the attorneys suing CPS all the time.  So that one doesn't work.
I don't know....maybe my signs aren't pretty enough?  Maybe because there aren't enough people here?  That one is purposeful.  I don't care if it's 1 child or a 100,000 that are violated by this agency.  It has to be addressed. 
Always, in fairness to the media, I end my explanation to people telling them these are just my opinions and they'd really have to call the media to find out why they aren't covering it:)  So certainly, please feel free to call them and ask why they don't feel it's important to cover this:)  Maybe they don't want the taxpayers knowing about all their taxpayer's dollars being paid out in lawsuits:)

News stations
(916) 441-2345/ 10
(916) 446-3333/ 3
916-374-1301/ 13
(916) 454-4422/ 40

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lawsuits Paid Out

A supporter called into Channel 3 News wanting to know why they were not covering the Hunger Strike.  She said that she saw a lot of information that her taxpayer dollars were being spent on lawsuits and why wasn't our Representatives paying attention to this.  The person that answered the phone told her that "everyone thinks CPS gets sued all the time, that doesn't mean it's true." :):)  Well, I just figured I would start a little list especially for Channel 3 news.  Will have to add to it frequently but at least it'll save their news investigator (who she said she was going to give the information to) a little time.  Not like any of that is going to happen anyways...

More Information

Here's a couple more links for the day, there's never a shortage.

As I've sat here the past 2 weeks my mind gets to working on a lot of things surrounging this.  Since it seems to me that any rational person would expect there would be corruption in any Govt agency that operates in complete secrecy.....why is it that doesn't appear to be the case here (as with the media?).  The only logical explanation that I can come up with (and have talked to others about it and they agree)is that the media truly is run, in some part, by the Govt.  And there is a lot of money at stake here.  I think part of it may also be that it has to do with Children.  No one wants to deal with that.  Thoughts?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Call the Governor's Office!!!

News stations
(916) 441-2345/ 10
(916) 446-3333/ 3
916-374-1301/ 13
(916) 454-4422/ 40

Gov's Office/
(916) 445-2841
Call each of these numbers every day PLEASE!!  The Politicians can only ignore this problem for so long.  And as long as we let them know we aren't going away until it's addressed, they will pay attention!!
Yesterday there was a gathering for after school programs.  It was nice to see kids getting real help, not being snatched up and just thrown somewhere!!  I got a couple of videos and will post them as soon as I figure out how to transfer them over!!!
Day 10 and counting....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Coalition for Children

And their website is here:

I'm all for improving policy in any type of Government Agency.  But before policy can be improved, the law has to start being followed.  I don't think that's such a hard thing to understand and, for the life of me, cannot see how they have gotten away with this agency being so absolutely corrupt for as long as they have.

Most people say it has to do with money.  Maybe that is what the case is and that's why they get away with it.  Who in their right mind could possibly believe that a Govt Agency would USE children to make money?  As with most things, I doubt it started out that way but boy....once they figured out the amount of money that people were willing to pour into an agency that "protects" children...guess they've really played on it!!

Time to stop....children need to be protected, can't say it enough times!  But the corruption?  So easily ended if our representatives and the FBI would just do their job.  *sigh*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're Back!!

Well, Kasper and I are back now, poor Mickey had to go to jail when I did so a rescue picked him up and hopefully he'll get a home. 

To update:  Was arrested for protesting (it was just me and my orange vest but guess that's not covered under the Constitution either!!)and unable to get computers back up and running.  Had to address the El Dorado County BOS this morning and they acted as if they were SHOCKED that such a thing could happen.  Wait, they are the same ones we've been talking to for years?  Oh well, it was a good act for the people sitting in the audience I suppose.

In any event, we are heading back to the Capitol, hunger strike didn't stop, just had to let the Board know their whole responsibility in this.  Which I would encourage everyone to do!!

Will get video's posted and more links also soon as we get back there....

Keep calling!!  They can only ignore people for so long:)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sac County, CA Grand Jury Report

 The following is a statement by the Foreman of the Sac County Grand Jury from 2009.  His comment of "when are the citizens going to demand that something be done with CPS?" should probably read more like "when are the Politicians going listen to the citizens that are demanding that something be done with CPS?".
Mr. Prange Sr may not be aware of the numerous and unending complaints that people have tried to bring up with their Politicians and Representatives and the FBI.  These are the people that are supposed to be responsible for "oversight" of this "secret" Govt Agency.  Yet they just send people away, "go see so and so", "they're just doing their job", and send people off into the never ending Bureaucratic Nightmare of Democracy.
They say it takes a public outrage over situations in order to accomplish anything in "Democracy".  Sorry... if the public doesn't care enough to look at all the evidence that is given to show that this agency is corrupt?  It's not acceptable that our Politicians are standing aside and allowing even ONE child or family to be abused by this agency.  And if the Grand Juries would take EACH complaint and EACH situation and bring it to light (as was done with Wade)??  The public would HAVE the information about what is going on.  But when the media only covers a small percentage (or no percentage)of the violations of law by this agency;  the public can't be blamed because they don't know about it.  And I believe they care...there are many reasons why people won't step up and do something.  But that's a whole 'nother post:)
I will contact Mr. Prange and see if he has the time to come to the Capital and hold a sign for awhile.  Actually the only thing he (or anyone else) has to do is call the Governor's office and be a part of the public that IS demanding something be done.

April 15, 2009
To all the citizens of Sacramento County: The Grand Jury has reported
on the shortcomings of CPS since 1996. Findings and recommendations
have fallen on deaf ears. “Nothing Ever Changes…Ever.” When are the
citizens going to demand that something be done with CPS? We heard
promises that CPS is studying and working on problems. How many years
does it take to do “something…or anything?”
The current Grand Jury was soon met with numerous complaints and
letters from citizens along with past and present social workers
concerning CPS. Media reports and articles from the local paper echoed
the same sentiments.
The Grand Jury heard testimony from the Health and Human Services
Director. It was the same old story: they were aware of problems and
were working on changes.
The Grand Jury discovered that nothing really changed. Systemic
problems were found throughout the organization. CPS does not have the
capability to record hot line calls, devices that would help the
social worker in the field did not work, cases are not properly
followed up, evaluations are rarely done, social workers and
supervisors are not given the support they need, manuals that could
help direct the employees are totally confusing and outdated.
Social Workers have a very complex job. There are many people who care
about the work they do at CPS. Apparently, some top CPS management
does not share the same view. Management made misrepresentations to
the Grand Jury. We need the help of the community to put pressure on
our county administrators to act quickly and take responsibility to
see that changes are made.
2008-2009 Sacramento County Grand Jury

Full report can be found here:

Information for Public

Obviously, not everything you read on the internet can be considered fact.  The websites provided have been around for a long time and provide information to those involved with CPS.  These, and any others, are being provided as information for the public to understand the hunger strike. 
Again, since Wade, there have been many other cases of CPS abuse of power, filing false reports, perjury and violating civil rights.  Just because an attorney doesn't have time to file each and every lawsuit, does not mean it didn't happen.  Please note that the links have to be copied and pasted.  Can't figure out how to get them to be "click on" links:)
If the general public continues to ignore this information, children will continue to be abused by this agency.  The statistics will continue to rise...ANY Govt agency that conducts it's "business" in complete secrecy is a hotbed for corruption.
I believe this website is hosted by a former foster child
This site contains an excellent handbook for parents.  The public need only read this to see the violations that occur every day in every state.

Many of these sites refer to individual sites should someone take the time to look.  I will post as many sites as possible, there are 100's of thousands to choose from.

Monday, September 24, 2012

That was then, this is now....

Almost 20 years ago
the Senate was informed of what can happen when a Govt Agency operates with absolutely no accountability or oversight.


"This is the first case of this kind that we've ever had in the county, it's helped us evaluate the way we do things," said Nations

Nations is the County Attorney for Kern.  This statement is "politically correct".  It most likely is the first case of that kind because every single "case" that CPS generates is "the only one of it's kind".  However, as can be seen by this article that was released just prior to this settlement:

We have another case with completely different "circumstances" but with the same violations.  If you read the entire article you will also see why these violations (though they happen every day in this state)are not published by the media.  Ms Henry has been highly commended for exposing a corruption that has gone on for almost 20 years unchecked by our Leaders.  This case is not reported on with the County of Kern stating their side because, to my knowledge, a lawsuit has not been filed yet.  This is, understandably to some degree, why the media will not report on this subject, though they would find numerous stories like this daily throughout the state.  The position of CPS is always "we cannot comment in the best interest of the child".  Thus, every case that CPS generates is done in complete secrecy.

Now we get to those that are supposed to "represent" their constituents against abuses of this kind.  The article by Ms Henry tells how the Board of Supervisors in their county handle it.  In El Dorado County, a group of people identified as "Victims of El Dorado County CPS" spoke week after week in open forums (this after filing complaints and having them ignored)informing the Members of the Board of the violations of law, abuse of power and numerous other violations that occurs within this agency.  One Representative (apparently tired of hearing the stories of abuse)stood up at an open forum and informed this group that it was not the responsibility of the Board to oversee the employees of this county.  He advised them it was a legislative issue and they needed to contact their State Representatives.  Really?  I believe Legislators make laws to be followed.  This group was simply attempting to get this agency to FOLLOW the laws. 

"Kern County is a shining beacon of hope in this state because they are really trying to make an effort to change some things," said McMillan.  This from an attorney that is an advocate of Victims of CPS and has filed numerous lawsuits against this agency resulting in very large awards for the victims.  Yes, it is encouraging to see that ONE county in the State of CA has decided to address this issue and follow the law.  According to Mr. McMillan "change is slow".  Hopefully he will keep representing the victims of this agency.  I was told by 2 of the 4 attorneys that I know of in this State that will take on this agency that they receive hundreds of calls asking for help every month.  That's hundreds of damaged families and children that will get NO help because apparently filing a lawsuit is the only recourse against the abuses of this agency.  Ask the FBI and they will say "EVERYONE complains about CPS".  Well if EVERYONE is complaining when is SOMEONE going to start listening?

I agree with Mr. McMillan.  Change is slow when it comes to Government.  However I'm not asking for any "change".  I'm asking that EVERY County in the State of CA follow the law.  No reform, no abolishing the entire agency, nothing drastic.  The Governor has the power to enact a policy NOW.  I'm simply asking that he do it.  This problem is Nationwide and has been for years.  I'm asking the Governor to have the State of CA be a "shining beacon of hope" for the entire Nation.