Monday, September 24, 2012

That was then, this is now....

Almost 20 years ago
the Senate was informed of what can happen when a Govt Agency operates with absolutely no accountability or oversight.


"This is the first case of this kind that we've ever had in the county, it's helped us evaluate the way we do things," said Nations

Nations is the County Attorney for Kern.  This statement is "politically correct".  It most likely is the first case of that kind because every single "case" that CPS generates is "the only one of it's kind".  However, as can be seen by this article that was released just prior to this settlement:

We have another case with completely different "circumstances" but with the same violations.  If you read the entire article you will also see why these violations (though they happen every day in this state)are not published by the media.  Ms Henry has been highly commended for exposing a corruption that has gone on for almost 20 years unchecked by our Leaders.  This case is not reported on with the County of Kern stating their side because, to my knowledge, a lawsuit has not been filed yet.  This is, understandably to some degree, why the media will not report on this subject, though they would find numerous stories like this daily throughout the state.  The position of CPS is always "we cannot comment in the best interest of the child".  Thus, every case that CPS generates is done in complete secrecy.

Now we get to those that are supposed to "represent" their constituents against abuses of this kind.  The article by Ms Henry tells how the Board of Supervisors in their county handle it.  In El Dorado County, a group of people identified as "Victims of El Dorado County CPS" spoke week after week in open forums (this after filing complaints and having them ignored)informing the Members of the Board of the violations of law, abuse of power and numerous other violations that occurs within this agency.  One Representative (apparently tired of hearing the stories of abuse)stood up at an open forum and informed this group that it was not the responsibility of the Board to oversee the employees of this county.  He advised them it was a legislative issue and they needed to contact their State Representatives.  Really?  I believe Legislators make laws to be followed.  This group was simply attempting to get this agency to FOLLOW the laws. 

"Kern County is a shining beacon of hope in this state because they are really trying to make an effort to change some things," said McMillan.  This from an attorney that is an advocate of Victims of CPS and has filed numerous lawsuits against this agency resulting in very large awards for the victims.  Yes, it is encouraging to see that ONE county in the State of CA has decided to address this issue and follow the law.  According to Mr. McMillan "change is slow".  Hopefully he will keep representing the victims of this agency.  I was told by 2 of the 4 attorneys that I know of in this State that will take on this agency that they receive hundreds of calls asking for help every month.  That's hundreds of damaged families and children that will get NO help because apparently filing a lawsuit is the only recourse against the abuses of this agency.  Ask the FBI and they will say "EVERYONE complains about CPS".  Well if EVERYONE is complaining when is SOMEONE going to start listening?

I agree with Mr. McMillan.  Change is slow when it comes to Government.  However I'm not asking for any "change".  I'm asking that EVERY County in the State of CA follow the law.  No reform, no abolishing the entire agency, nothing drastic.  The Governor has the power to enact a policy NOW.  I'm simply asking that he do it.  This problem is Nationwide and has been for years.  I'm asking the Governor to have the State of CA be a "shining beacon of hope" for the entire Nation.

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