Monday, October 1, 2012

Information for Public

Obviously, not everything you read on the internet can be considered fact.  The websites provided have been around for a long time and provide information to those involved with CPS.  These, and any others, are being provided as information for the public to understand the hunger strike. 
Again, since Wade, there have been many other cases of CPS abuse of power, filing false reports, perjury and violating civil rights.  Just because an attorney doesn't have time to file each and every lawsuit, does not mean it didn't happen.  Please note that the links have to be copied and pasted.  Can't figure out how to get them to be "click on" links:)
If the general public continues to ignore this information, children will continue to be abused by this agency.  The statistics will continue to rise...ANY Govt agency that conducts it's "business" in complete secrecy is a hotbed for corruption.
I believe this website is hosted by a former foster child
This site contains an excellent handbook for parents.  The public need only read this to see the violations that occur every day in every state.

Many of these sites refer to individual sites should someone take the time to look.  I will post as many sites as possible, there are 100's of thousands to choose from.

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