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Sac County, CA Grand Jury Report

 The following is a statement by the Foreman of the Sac County Grand Jury from 2009.  His comment of "when are the citizens going to demand that something be done with CPS?" should probably read more like "when are the Politicians going listen to the citizens that are demanding that something be done with CPS?".
Mr. Prange Sr may not be aware of the numerous and unending complaints that people have tried to bring up with their Politicians and Representatives and the FBI.  These are the people that are supposed to be responsible for "oversight" of this "secret" Govt Agency.  Yet they just send people away, "go see so and so", "they're just doing their job", and send people off into the never ending Bureaucratic Nightmare of Democracy.
They say it takes a public outrage over situations in order to accomplish anything in "Democracy".  Sorry... if the public doesn't care enough to look at all the evidence that is given to show that this agency is corrupt?  It's not acceptable that our Politicians are standing aside and allowing even ONE child or family to be abused by this agency.  And if the Grand Juries would take EACH complaint and EACH situation and bring it to light (as was done with Wade)??  The public would HAVE the information about what is going on.  But when the media only covers a small percentage (or no percentage)of the violations of law by this agency;  the public can't be blamed because they don't know about it.  And I believe they care...there are many reasons why people won't step up and do something.  But that's a whole 'nother post:)
I will contact Mr. Prange and see if he has the time to come to the Capital and hold a sign for awhile.  Actually the only thing he (or anyone else) has to do is call the Governor's office and be a part of the public that IS demanding something be done.

April 15, 2009
To all the citizens of Sacramento County: The Grand Jury has reported
on the shortcomings of CPS since 1996. Findings and recommendations
have fallen on deaf ears. “Nothing Ever Changes…Ever.” When are the
citizens going to demand that something be done with CPS? We heard
promises that CPS is studying and working on problems. How many years
does it take to do “something…or anything?”
The current Grand Jury was soon met with numerous complaints and
letters from citizens along with past and present social workers
concerning CPS. Media reports and articles from the local paper echoed
the same sentiments.
The Grand Jury heard testimony from the Health and Human Services
Director. It was the same old story: they were aware of problems and
were working on changes.
The Grand Jury discovered that nothing really changed. Systemic
problems were found throughout the organization. CPS does not have the
capability to record hot line calls, devices that would help the
social worker in the field did not work, cases are not properly
followed up, evaluations are rarely done, social workers and
supervisors are not given the support they need, manuals that could
help direct the employees are totally confusing and outdated.
Social Workers have a very complex job. There are many people who care
about the work they do at CPS. Apparently, some top CPS management
does not share the same view. Management made misrepresentations to
the Grand Jury. We need the help of the community to put pressure on
our county administrators to act quickly and take responsibility to
see that changes are made.
2008-2009 Sacramento County Grand Jury

Full report can be found here:

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