Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're Back!!

Well, Kasper and I are back now, poor Mickey had to go to jail when I did so a rescue picked him up and hopefully he'll get a home. 

To update:  Was arrested for protesting (it was just me and my orange vest but guess that's not covered under the Constitution either!!)and unable to get computers back up and running.  Had to address the El Dorado County BOS this morning and they acted as if they were SHOCKED that such a thing could happen.  Wait, they are the same ones we've been talking to for years?  Oh well, it was a good act for the people sitting in the audience I suppose.

In any event, we are heading back to the Capitol, hunger strike didn't stop, just had to let the Board know their whole responsibility in this.  Which I would encourage everyone to do!!

Will get video's posted and more links also soon as we get back there....

Keep calling!!  They can only ignore people for so long:)

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