Thursday, March 28, 2013

Small Victory but Victory none the less!!!

I know some people just don't see what I do in this article:

 This shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

 1. Most likely, the social workers violating the law aren't even aware that the law exists.

 2. Once they actually FOLLOW the law and guidelines to their jobs, children are spared the trauma of being placed into a nightmare of a system that most likely would improve if they focused on children that actually are abused.

 3. That our Politicians (and the media)continue to refuse to address this issue, KNOWING that this agency operates with absolutely no accountability or oversight. If they want to continue to ignore it, I'll just be back every year, more if I get donations to help do it. Lois Henry is clearly exempt from this one.

 4. If this agency is not doing this just for the federal funding dollars that come in then WHY WON'T the politicians demand accountability? From Jim Wade's address ALONE, they knew what this agency had the power to do if it continued as it was. Yet have done nothing when the first fix to the problem is very simple.

 So WHY, other than the funding, are they refusing to demand it nationwide? I have heard over and over that this hunger strike is useless. Having tried to make this change for at least 12 years, and seen that others have been doing the same thing for much longer than I, I have to disagree. Our politicians (and the media) are not going to fix this issue until the public demands it. From the people I spoke with during the last hunger strike, everyone seems to know that there is a huge problem with this agency but the media isn't giving them the actual story because they can't. See number 4. Just the fact that they refused to cover the last hunger strike tells me that it needs to continue. And the reason they can't? Well, the hunger strike is demanding accountability and oversight to this agency. In order to cover the story they'd have to go to the politicians and ask them WHERE the accountability and oversight is. Talk about egg on your face. This has been likened to the Penn State and Catholic Church cover ups and I'd have to agree. Our politicians know that children are being brought into this system illegally and everything that goes on from that point is atrocious. They are placed in far worse situations at times than what they were taken out of. Again, taken out of illegally because 75% of the children they remove ARE NOT ABUSED OR IN IMMINENT DANGER!!! This is what the public needs to know AND the fact that their tax dollars are funding it.

 If this hunger strike was useless then why is it that Sac Bee is suddenly putting out an article every month, trying to appear as if they are focusing on CPS and use the words "accountability" and "oversight" constantly. In fact, this article LISTS the stories they have been doing. An attempt to CYA because they refused to cover the hunger strike and received quite a few calls/emails from the public asking why? As I said before, I've watched people fight this for years. Some just get tired and quit figuring they will see their children when they are 18. Some just get their kids back and go into hiding. Some sue, mostly pro per because there's really only one attorney fighting to right this and one attorney can only file so many lawsuits at a time. Some commit suicide. I cannot believe at this point the politicians or the media is going to expose this corruption without CONSTANT pressure. I'll be going down to Sac in a couple of weeks to get my permit so that I can have permission to exercise my Constitutional right to free speech:) Since they were doing everything they could to get me to leave last time (threatening to take away my license citing I was too incapacitated to drive, threatening to take my dog because I was too incapacitated to care for him...SERIOUSLY????)I'm wondering if a permit will even be issued and, if not, what will be the reason for refusing it? Guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks:)

 And the new paypal button? Yes, I am asking for donations to be able to print this information out to give to the public. I will just be printing out Lois Henry's story at this time to hand out. The other items that are printed out and set out for them to view will be the letters sent to every county council in the State of CA requesting that they also require this department to follow the law regarding warrantless removal of children along with a list of which agencies REFUSE to do so. Again, very simple fix to a huge problem, if they refuse to do it the public has to question why. The only answer I can come up with (as well as many family rights groups)is for the funding. As it is everything extra that I have goes to boarding my dogs so that I can stay down there for the month. I sleep in my car and have no food bill so there's nothing put out there. And yes, I would like to be able to do this four times a year. Just can't afford it. I'm hoping that people can see that this IS making a difference and will help me to continue doing it.

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